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At HIYA we understand that education isn’t one size fits all. 

At HIYA, we empower students to get their voices heard, explore disciplinary boundaries and confront conventional ways of thinking. 
Advocating for young people who struggle to attend school, who have Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities and specialising in ASD/Autism, we can help support you and your family to access help and strongly believe this should be free to access. 
HIYA is a Social Enterprise seeking C.I.C status (pending). 

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January 8, 2021

Hampshire Independent Youth Advocacy began as a direct result of the experiences of my daughter and our family. 
I have worked with children for 16 years, in a variety or settings, including respite, childcare and educational provision. I have both experience and qualifications in Childcare and Education, and more recently in Child & Young Person’s Mental Health and Autism. 
Unfortunately, when my daughter struggled with severe anxiety and began to refuse to attend school, my professional skills and expertise still didn’t stop my child’s school from doubting my parenting abilities, blaming my family (despite my other children having excellent attendance) and offering little support until the situation became critical. 
A story many parents and carers will empathise with. 
Luckily, I could use my knowledge and expertise to support my child within the home and fought for referrals to services I knew were there. I found an ally in the form of an exceptionally empathetic teacher who saw through my daughter’s mask (she was compliant within school although mainly mute) and was accepted into services with his support. 
My daughter became medically unfit for school, having attended a provision unsuitable for her needs for too long, so our journey into bespoke educational packages, fighting for EHCP’s and, eventually, a wonderful specialist provision, began. 
Along the way, I had to give up my paid employment, I attended IPSEA training courses to ensure the EHCP process was completed correctly (as I quickly learned the Local Education Authority often need to be challenged to get children and young people the education they need) and began to support others struggling with similar difficulties. 
I realised that, following huge cutbacks to the grants available to advocacy services in Hampshire in the last 5+ years, services are limited and now hugely overstretched. Schools do not know what to do, the legal requirements nor who to refer families to. So, HIYA was born. 
At the current time, HIYA is on it’s way to becoming a Community Interest Company (CIC) however the pandemic has put many barriers in the way of this.  So, it is funded by way of donations and all profits from my other business also come in to top up the accounts here. 
Soon, the CIC status will enable us to apply for grants and purchase much needed equipment. 

Feel free to get in touch with questions.

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“I believe in the rational, but not in the magical power of education.”

Maria Edgeworth

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13 Bolderwood Close Bishopstoke Eastleigh HAMPSHIRE England SO50 8PG 


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Children and young people struggle to attend school for a number of reasons. We can help find solutions to help and improve this. 
Where a child or young person requires referrals to agencies for support with mental health, behaviour, or the family requires additional support, we can help with this too. 
We understand that educational experiences happen both in and out of the classroom. Each person is an individual, and the environment must enable them to learn, rather than disable them. 
The mission of Hampshire Independent Youth Advocacy is to help students and families have their voices heard. To help them get reasonable adjustments put in place, or to find the right provision where students feel safe to tackle obstacles and accomplish all of their goals.

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